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Östra Finlands Nation (”Nation of Eastern Finland”) is one of the 15 student nations at the University of Helsinki. The nation is Swedish-speaking and founded in 1924. Each student nation represents a province of Finland, and historically most of ÖFN’s members originated from the City of Vyborg and Vyborg province in Karelia in Eastern Finland. After the Second World War a large part of Karelia, including the city of Vyborg, was lost and the home region of the nation gradually shifted westwards. Nowadays most of the nation’s members originate from the area formed by the Swedish-speaking municipalities along the coast east of Helsinki: Sipoo, Porvoo, Loviisa and Kotka. However, any student who is interested to join the nation is welcome to do so, and the only formal requirement is to be a student in the Helsinki region and that you are not already a member of another nation at the University of Helsinki.

To join the nation you should come to our nation premises, situated on the 4:th floor of the New Student House on Mannerheimintie 5A.  A membership fee of 12 euros should also be paid, preferably to the nation’s bank account.

ÖFN arranges a wide variety of program to its members. Every Thursday evening the nation hosts the traditional ”Programkväll” where members gather at the nation premises for different activities. Several times a month the nation arranges sitsit, which are traditional academic dinner parties consisting of a three course menu enjoyed with drinks and lots of singing.

The nation is governed by a seven person board, chosen for each year by the nation’s members. If you have any questions regarding the nation you can contact the board at if.nfonull@esleryts. See here for individual contact information of the board members.